FASNY lobbies for a variety of legislation including bills that set standards for fire prevention and advocate for volunteer firefighters across the state.

Each November, FASNY representatives meet to set an agenda for the next legislative session. This is your resource for ongoing and upcoming legislation concerning the fire service. Learn about these bills and find information about voter registration, legislator contact and FASNY’s latest success in Albany.

Expanded Cancer Coverage Top 2017 Legislative Priority of Firemen's Group

An organization that represents the interests of volunteer firefighters in Albany got together with more than 30 volunteer firefighters from across the region on Sunday to outline its priorities for the state legislative session that began Wednesday.

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Permanent Disability Improvement Bill is on Gov. Cuomo’s Desk – Write the Governor Now!

A bill that would improve the VFBL benefits for permanently disabled volunteer firefighters has landed on Governor Cuomo’s desk, meaning he will sign or veto it in the very near future.

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FASNY & NYS Fire Chiefs Applaud the State Senate for Passing Pressumptive Cancer Coverage

Onus moves to the State Assembly to properly protect volunteer firefighters. The Firemen’s Association of the State of New York and the New York State Association of Fire Chiefs today issued the following statement after the New York State Senate voted to pass S. 3891 by a vote of 60-0.

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Firefighters voice support for 10 year smoke detector battery

A new bill would require stores in New York State to only sell smoke detectors that come with a 10 year battery. The state's Fireman's Association was in the Capital Region pushing Governor Andrew Cuomo to sign the bill.

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Limit Firefighter Exposure to Dangerous Toxins

It’s common knowledge that modern house fires burn much faster and hotter than “legacy” fires. Modern furniture is coated with so-called flame retardants that are applied to couches, chairs, and other upholstered pieces of furniture, but recent research shows that these chemicals are not only ineffective, but pose serious health risks for firefighters.

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Important Legislative Position Regarding Fireworks

FASNY looks to be the leader in opposing dangerous local legislation putting fireworks into the hands of children and others. A toolkit has been created to provide you with resources to take action in your local county.

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FASNY Urges You to Make Your Opinion Heard on an Important Codes Issue

This week, the New York State Codes Council will be holding a regular meeting. The Codes Council continues to review potential updates to the New York State Code, including the possible adoption of the International Residential Code (IRC), which calls for the requirement of fire sprinklers in all new residential construction.

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FASNY Commends Governor Cuomo for Veto on Fireworks Legislation

The Firemen’s Association of the State of New York (FASNY) today issued the following statement on Governor Cuomo’s veto of a bill which would have legalized fireworks.

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Fire Officials Conduct Live Side by Side Burn to Highlight Effectiveness of Home Sprinklers

The Firemen’s Association of the State of New York (FASNY) today joined with fire officials to conduct a live side-by-side room burn to highlight the effectiveness and safety implications of residential sprinklers.

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Flammability Standards Legislation Advances

FASNY supported legislation authored by Assemblyman Bob Sweeney, A6557, and a forthcoming companion Senate bill from Senator Mark Grisanti is progressing and needs your support.

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FASNY Commends Governor Cuomo for Signing Novelty Lighter Bill into Law

The Firemen’s Association of the State of New York (FASNY) is pleased to announce that Governor Andrew Cuomo has signed the Novelty Lighter bill into law, which will prohibit the sale or distribution of novelty lighters in the State of New York.

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