Limit firefighter exposure to dangerous toxins – and help those who have been exposed!

Tell your Assemblymember and Senator to support S.3844/A.7837 and S.3891/A.5518.

It’s common knowledge that modern house fires burn much faster and hotter than “legacy” fires. Modern furniture is coated with so-called flame retardants that are applied to couches, chairs, and other upholstered pieces of furniture, but recent research shows that these chemicals are not only ineffective, but pose serious health risks for firefighters. When they burn, these chemicals produce high levels of cancer causing agents, resulting in more toxic fires.

FASNY is determined to protect the health of New York’s firefighters. One way we can do thisis by supporting a bill that would eliminate these dangerous chemicals from household furniture. The passage of this legislation would help to reduce the number of cancer causing agents in modern fires.

In the terrible event of a cancer diagnosis, FASNY wants to ensure that no firefighter ever has to face the disease alone. FASNY is supporting the adaption of a law that would recognize that certain cancers will be considered “presumptive” and incurred in the line of duty. This would give volunteer firefighters a formal safety net should they need it, and help keep them and their families out of a deep financial hole caused by steep medical bills.

Bills S.3844 and A.7837 would ban these dangerous chemicals from upholstered furniture. Bills S.3891 and A.5518 would provide for presumptive cancer coverage for volunteer firefighters in the event of a diagnosis.

We urge you to write your Assemblymember and State Senator, and urge them to support these crucial bills.

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