(ALBANY, NY) – The Firemen’s Association of the State of New York (FASNY) is pleased to announce that Governor Andrew Cuomo has signed the Novelty Lighter bill into law, which will prohibit the sale or distribution of novelty lighters in the State of New York.

After passage in the State Senate and State Assembly - where it was sponsored by Senator Jack M. Martins and Assembly Member Jeffrey Dinowitz - Cuomo signed this important piece of legislation, which was supported by FASNY.

“We applaud Governor Cuomo for signing this vital piece of legislation, which will protect countless children from the dangers of novelty lighters,” said FASNY President James Burns. “Too frequently these lighters end up in children’s hands because of their toy-like qualities, often times with devastating results. Banning these items will go a long way towards keeping New Yorkers safe and preventing senseless tragedies.”

Fires caused by lighters are linked to injuries, death and property loss across the country. Although the fire service educates children about the dangers of lighters, children are still drawn to novelty lighters because they are manufactured to look like toys (e.g. animals, cars, phones, cartoon figures, cameras and other items). Sometimes it is difficult if not impossible to tell the difference between a toy and a novelty lighter - especially for a child.

The bill prohibits the sale or distribution of novelty lighters. At least 14 other states have already passed similar legislation - including the neighboring states of New Jersey and Massachusetts. Passage of this law in NYS will result in safer communities and greater protection for our firefighters, citizens and, most of all, our children.

A link to the legislation can be found HERE


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