• Getting Down to Business with Retention

    By Charlie Sharon, FASNY Recruitment and Retention Committee Recruitment and retention: We all have heard these words. The first thoughts are of what will be done to recruit new members. Much time and resources are being spent to achieve this goal. But once we get the person in, what is being done to keep them?… Read More

  • Starting or Growing Your Junior Firefighter Program

    By Lyle Holland, FASNY Recruitment and Retention Committee With the new school year starting soon, it’s time to think about your junior firefighter program or maybe even starting one. From my own personal experience, it’s much easier to get into the schools at the beginning of their year to inquire about opportunities to attract the… Read More

  • When the Unthinkable Happens: Moving Forward After a Line of Duty Death

    By Kevin D. Quinn, NVFC Chairman I recently attended two funerals for firefighters who died in the line of duty.  As with every tragedy when we lose a brother or sister, my heart went out to the family, department and community that now must deal with the loss and figure out how to carry on… Read More

  • Hey, Firefighter … Cancer Is Real … Believe Me!

    By Past Chief Brian F. McQueen, FASNY Director Somewhere in the U.S., there are two young volunteer firefighters who have become great friends through the fire service. They enjoy the brotherhood and elation of helping others on their worst days. Sadly, statistics have shown that one of these dedicated firefighters – husband/wife, father/mother and friend… Read More

  • Startling Statistics Can Help Educate Your Community

    By John Kolb, FASNY Fire Prevention and Life Safety Committee When fire departments start looking at creating a fire prevention presentation or program, they must first determine what message they want to deliver to the public. Your audience will be your guide. Use what you know from experience, whether it be from the fires you… Read More

  • Inside Versus Outside: Picking Sides in the Fire Dynamics Research

    By Eddie Buchanan Ever since we started to pay attention to the fire dynamic research over a decade ago, there has been a battle brewing between those who think firefighting should be done from the inside versus the outside. Thousands of website clicks, Facebook page likes and retweets are generated daily over this debate. Social… Read More

  • At Home with … William A. Hills

    By Gina Salvato Shultis, Director of Development With a gleam in his eye and his memory sharp as a tack, William A. (Bill) Hills greeted more than 100 of his family and friends who came to the FASNY Firemen’s Home to celebrate his momentous 100th birthday. Among the guests were his fire service brothers and… Read More

  • The 2017 FASNY Legislative Agenda

    EXPANDED CANCER IMPAIRMENT – Provides a rebuttable presumption that several types of cancer are covered under the VFBL and VAWBL. Corresponding legislation: S.1411 (Griffo) / A.711 (Gunther) THE FAIR PLAY AMBULANCE COST RECOVERY FOR FIRE DEPARTMENTS – Allows fire departments to bill for ambulance services to even the playing field with all other ambulance providers… Read More

  • Does Brotherhood Really Exist?

    By John S. D’Alessandro, FASNY Secretary I love being a firefighter. Let’s get that straight from the beginning. Aside from my marriage and the birth of my children, it is my greatest accomplishment. Yet, despite the personal satisfaction it has given me, I have often been frustrated with the lack of brotherhood and respect we… Read More

  • Seven Tips To Destress And Build Camaraderie

    By Candice McDonald, MA Serving as a firefighter can be stressful, which can lead to issues with retention and team morale. Finding ways to destress and promote team continuity is important. Incorporating team-building activities into an organization is one way to reduce stress and promote an effective and cohesive team that is supportive of each… Read More

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