The cancer bill has PASSED the legislature. Now the Governor needs to show support for New York’s volunteer firefighters!

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Startling Statistics Can Help Educate Your Community

When fire departments start looking at creating a fire prevention presentation or program, they must first determine what message they want to deliver to the public. Your audience will be your guide. Use what you know from experience… Read More

Inside Versus Outside: Picking Sides in the Fire Dynamics Research

Ever since we started to pay attention to the fire dynamic research over a decade ago, there has been a battle brewing between those who think firefighting should be done from the inside versus the outside. Thousands of website clicks, Facebook page likes and retweets are generated daily over this debate… Read More

Hey, Firefighter … Cancer Is Real … Believe Me!

Somewhere in the U.S., there are two young volunteer firefighters who have become great friends through the fire service. They enjoy the brotherhood and elation of helping others on their worst days. Sadly, statistics have shown that one of these dedicated firefighters – husband/wife, father/mother and friend… Read More