Fighting Fires and Beating Cancer
“You have cancer!” … the three words that no one would ever want to hear. These three words are truly game changers in the life of countless firefighters across our country. For my family, my friends and the brotherhood within the fire service in my county, surrounding counties and the state, the … Read More

New York State Volunteer First Responder Job Protection: How Does it Work?
After several years of aggressive lobbying by FASNY, Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed a bill into law that greatly benefits volunteer first responders in New York. Firefighters and EMS personnel who qualify under the terms of the law cannot be fired from or lose their jobs while they are engaged in an extended response to a … Read More

Teamwork: The Road to a Championship – What Can We (FASNY) Do for You?
In January, the FASNY Fire Prevention and Life Safety Committee met in Albany to discuss, draft and implement plans specifically for what our committee and FASNY can do for the fire departments across New York State. The first objective will be to implement changes to … Read More

Take Care of Your Department Members after Trauma
Sometimes … as hard as it may be for us to understand, there are incidents that occur when we fail despite how good a crew we may have had on the first due rigs. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how hard you may have trained and prepared for your moment to perform … Read More