November Is Tobacco Awareness Month

November 19, 2015, is the Great American Smoke-Out, a day designated to support the efforts of any tobacco user who is ready to take a first step toward quitting.

While each person’s battle with tobacco is unique, this day reminds us that we all have a stake in helping our friends, families, team members and co-workers find sustainable ways to a tobacco-free life. This month we will be sharing links and resources that you can use individually or in your firehouses to not only promote and support the Great American Smoke Out on November 19, but also to increase awareness and accessibility to resources that can help your department members (and their families) start or move forward in their own journey to becoming tobacco free.

For more information on the Great American Smoke-Out, including resources to promote the event in your department or workplace, click here.

Ready to quit?

 In this day and age, there are very few adults who do not recognize the health risks associated with smoking. Yet almost 30 percent of Americans continue to use at least one form of tobacco. The truth is that every person has a different reason for why they smoke, so every “quit” must be based on the individual.

There are a number of free resources available to assist you in your own personal quit journey. Your place of work, insurance carrier or EAP may also have additional support resources that fit your particular quit plan and needs.

Tobacco Education and Resources

Even though most adults know that smoking is unhealthy, many do not understand all of the different (and dramatic ways) smoking and the use of tobacco products can negatively affect their health, their quality of life and health of those around them. There are a number of organizations with informational websites (, where you can find amazing resources, statistics and handouts. We have included a few of our favorite Web pages here: