National Cancer Control Month: Protect Yourself from Firefighter Cancer

( NVFC )

April is National Cancer Control Month, and now is a great opportunity to evaluate what you and your department can do to protect yourselves from firefighter cancer. Many studies show that firefighters contract cancer at higher rates than the rest of the population. Taking the proper safety precautions is critical to help lower your risks and keep you healthy.

The NVFC provides cancer awareness and prevention resources, including a PPE video series, sample exposure form, reminder signs for the department, sample standard operating procedures, and much more. Access resources.

You can also ask Congress to support legislation to create a National Firefighter Cancer Registry through the NVFC’s Legislative Action Center.

While health and safety precautions can minimize the risks of cancer, having an insurance plan in place provides protection and peace of mind to fire service families in the event of a cancer diagnosis. NVFC members receive special rates and plan options from several insurance carriers for cancer, accident, and critical illness coverage. Learn more.

The Firefighter Cancer Support Network released a white paper that includes 11 immediate actions you can take to protect yourself against cancer.