Hold the Line

( The Volunteer Firefighter )

By Alex Ruckh, FASNY Health and Wellness Committee

Social media in today’s age is a double-edged sword. Organizations live and die by them.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube … all available at your fingertips to use 24/7/365. Depending on your age, these apps are second nature to operate or like brain surgery to figure out.

They say knowledge is power and today, no one can say they can’t find firefighter fitness resources. For those looking for a place to start, for innovative ideas or a little motivation, social media is a wonderful place to look. These social media outlets provide several different methods of conveying their fitness ideas. They post videos, pictures, workout ideas, testimonials, recipes, etc.

One of my favorite sites on Facebook is “Fit to Fight Fire.” The other day I came across this picture …

This is from the book Discipline Equals Freedom by Jocko Willink. Jocko is an American podcaster, author and retired United States Navy SEAL.

Jocko is one of my favorite people to follow. For all those fire officers out there, this is a guy to investigate to sharpen your leadership skills.

Reading this quote, one can apply it to a lot of their daily life. But for us, let’s look at this through a firefighter fitness lens.

Read it at least twice and let it sink in. As I read this, I keep referring to one’s body and mind. Instead of getting complacent, instead of getting weaker and packing on those pounds … get stronger. Live in defiance … wake up and improve your body and mind, workout, eat right, train!

Your body and mind are like any other tools on your truck: You maintain them and give them upkeep. Like all those tools you upkeep so they are functional in that time of need, so too does your body require the same care.

Always hold that line. If not for yourself, do it for your brothers and sisters fighting that fire next to you. Your company counts on you to be fit for duty. Hold that line and hold yourself to a higher standard!