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Hypertension: A Serious Health Concern for America, A Deadly Health Concern for Firefighters

By Robert Blaufarb, Director of Health and Wellness – Mamaroneck Fire Department Hypertension (high blood pressure) afflicts over 1 billion people over 25 years old worldwide. This represents 40 percent of the world in this age group. This serious health concern is responsible for over 9 million deaths worldwide. Blood pressure is measured by an instrument […]

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Hold the Line

By Alex Ruckh, FASNY Health and Wellness Committee Social media in today’s age is a double-edged sword. Organizations live and die by them. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube … all available at your fingertips to use 24/7/365. Depending on your age, these apps are second nature to operate or like brain surgery to figure out. They […]

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Serving Strong Means Focusing on Health

Firefighters juggle a lot of responsibilities, but one area they often lose focus on is their health. Unfortunately, this can lead to tragic consequences. How many reports have you seen of a firefighter having a heart attack while on-duty or a firefighter diagnosed with cancer? Odds are you probably know someone that has been impacted […]

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