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How Clean Is Your Turnout Gear?

By Vincenza Caruso, Research Assistant at Northwell Health You have probably seen a few dirty, soot-covered helmets lying around the firehouse, and are maybe even guilty of sporting one yourself over the years. But, that “salty” gear that was once the sign of a “real firefighter” is no longer a badge of honor. Turnout gear […]

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Here’s to Your Health: 12 Simple Investments for a Healthier You

By Kelli LaPage, MS ATC, President and Founder of WellTrail Investing in your health doesn’t have to be painful. Living a healthier lifestyle happens with each small step you take – no matter what the focus. Over time, each step will move you closer to your health goals – and often will lead to even […]

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The Importance of Daily Activity

Americans are becoming increasingly more sedentary. At our jobs, what were once physical tasks are becoming more automated and many of us spend eight to 10 hours a day seated in front of a computer. For our children, lack of activity is just as bad. Not only have gym classes been reduced to 30 minutes […]

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