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Physical Strength, Mental Toughness and Moral Focus: Your Personal 360

By Chief Marc Bashoor There are common threads to operational and mortal issues affecting the fire service and firefighter growth and development. Similar to the operational 360 that we should all be using to size-up fire scenes, let’s take a look at our own personal 360. I’m not talking about walking around your fire truck […]

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Making Fitness a Part of the Fight

By Robert Blaufarb, Mamaroneck Fire Department Director of Health and Wellness Mission Statement: The Town of Mamaroneck Fire Department is committed to the achievement of the highest quality of health and wellness for our men and women and their families. Philosophy: To achieve optimal health and fitness throughout the firefighter’s career and facilitate maximum health […]

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Why Firefighters Need to Practice Self-Care Before Caring for Others

By Lieutenant Brad Bouchillon, Statesboro (GA) Fire Department Can you name one machine that doesn’t require maintenance? I can’t. There might be one (I’m a firefighter, not a machinist), but for the most part, all the equipment we operate requires regular maintenance. Fire apparatus requires constant upkeep ranging from oil changes and tire rotation to […]

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