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Why Firefighters Need to Practice Self-Care Before Caring for Others

By Lieutenant Brad Bouchillon, Statesboro (GA) Fire Department Can you name one machine that doesn’t require maintenance? I can’t. There might be one (I’m a firefighter, not a machinist), but for the most part, all the equipment we operate requires regular maintenance. Fire apparatus requires constant upkeep ranging from oil changes and tire rotation to […]

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Are You a Tactical Athlete?

You may have heard the term “tactical athlete” a lot recently. The term itself is not confined to the fire service and firefighters but other high-risk professions such as the military. The United States Marine Corp (U.S.M.C.) defines a “tactical athlete” as an individual who trains for combat readiness using a comprehensive athletic approach. Tactical […]

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Firefighter Health and Fitness: A Comprehensive Approach

Dedicating yourself to a lifestyle of health and fitness is more than just “working out.” As a firefighter, you owe it to your co-workers, community, and family to make sure you are fit for duty. In addition to physical training, proper attention to rest and recovery, hydration, and nutrition plays a huge role in maximizing […]

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