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Firefighters discuss PTSD, emotional toll of career

Indian River Chief David Dangerfield’s death shined a light on firefighters who suffer from PTSD and the heavy nature and emotional impact of calls. By Terry Spencer Associated Press VERO BEACH, Fla. — Battalion Chief David Dangerfield’s nickname was “Super Dave,” a moniker the veteran firefighter had earned over the years for his cheerful, get-things-done […]

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Time To Be Our Own Heroes

By Alex Ruckh, FASNY Health and Wellness Committee It’s zero dark thirty, it’s cold, I’m tired … It’s gym time at the hall. It’s mid-April, so that only means one thing: training for the Murph Challenge. This challenge is in honor of Lieutenant Michael Murphy, who was highlighted in the book and movie “Lone Survivor.” […]

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Building the Case for Presumptive Cancer Legislation: We Need Your Help!

“There are 92,000 reasons that volunteer firefighters should have presumptive cancer coverage in New York State.” There is power in this quote from FASNY Past President Robert N. McConville in the press release announcing the 2015 FASNY-sponsored video, “Fighting Fires, Fighting Cancer.” (1) One thing we can all agree on after watching the political conventions […]

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