Sexual Harassment Awareness & Prevention

The purpose of this training exercise is to alert you to the situations associated with sexual harassment, the general requirements dealing with the subject and the specific requirements related to your organization.

The session has various 

  1. This brief introduction to the topic Workplace Harassment – Reason for Concern.
  2. Review of the VFIS “Communique” entitled Sexual Harassment – Employee Practice Exposure.
  3. Review the document “Pranks, Hazing and Harassment.”
  4. Review the document describing Sexual Harassment Lawsuits.
  5. Review the Harassment and Discrimination Prevention Technique Document.
  6. Review the documents on New York specific sexual harassment regulations.
  7. Review of your specific organization’s Sexual Harassment Policy/Procedure and sign off by an officer that you have reviewed it.

There is no course exam or certificate for this program. The sign off document with your supervisor provides the confirmation of completing the review of the information.


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