Online Training

We apologize for removing the FASNY Annual Safety Refresher Course from our website. State law changes in requirements for the program resulted in a complete re-write. In addition, our change to VFISU resulted in additional platform/programming requirements. We are diligently working on the final touches to the new course and hope to have it soon. While the delay is unfortunate, the need to make sure the course covers revised technical requirements while meeting educational requirements is our goal for your success. Thank you for your patience.

FASNY has joined forces with Volunteer Fire Insurance Services (VFIS) to establish distance learning capabilities for FASNY members.

Please contact the FASNY office at 1-800-232-7692 for log in information or email

If you have any questions regarding the online training, please contact the Glatfelter Insurance Group/VFIS Helpline: 1-800-233-1957 ext. 7964 which is the Distance Learning Help Desk.