Courses offered by Tiger Schmittendorf

Deputy Fire Coordinator, Erie County

Leadership in the Firehouse Series:

The following courses can be mixed and matched into a 90-minute  presentation, three-hour training or six-hour workshop.
Price: $850.00
(plus travel and lodging)

Leadership in the Firehouse: Recruitment and Retention –
Rescue and Recovery:
This presentation and discussion will focus on the challenges we face, why we face them and how to effectively combat them.

Brainstorming and Message Building:
This program offers a step-by-step process on how you can design your own recruitment campaign by using your own creative thinking.

Tiger’s Top 10 Tips for Recruitment and Retention:
The goal is to change the mindset of the fire service as to how we address these issues and to offer a fresh perspective that we’ve had the solutions right in front of us all along.

Success and the Art of Stealing Ideas:
We will be discovering the secrets of success by looking at a wide variety of successful and failing recruitment and retention efforts.

Incident Management in the Fast Lane

This highway safety program outlines an incident action plan that emphasizes the need for close cooperation, coordination and communications at all traffic events. It is designed for first responders of every discipline and level of experience.

Incident Action Plan:
-Dress for Success
-Know Your Position
-No Surprises
-Go Amber
-Take Charge
-It’s Not About Us

How Do We Motivate Today’s Firefighter Away from the Xbox™
Long Enough to Answer the Box Alarm?

This conversation builds consensus that the majority of the  challenges we face are in the firehouse, not on the fire scene. This presentation explores the next generation of firefighters and how we can learn to integrate them into our value system. The goal of this conversation is simply to change the mindset of the fire service as to how we address recruitment and retention, redirecting our focus towards the most important asset in the fire service – our people.