Courses offered by Deputy Chief James P. Smith, Ret., Philadelphia Fire Department

Adjunct Instructor, National Fire Service Academy, Emmitsburg, MD

High-rise Firefighting

This full-day seminar will discuss high-rise building construction, fire protection systems, strategy and tactics and the need for the utilization of a high-rise incident management system. High-rise incident command will emphasize the specific positions needed to support the command and control efforts at a high-rise building fire and the benefit of their implementation. Case studies will be presented. Student activities are incorporated into the seminar.
Price: $2600.00 (all inclusive)

Unholy Smoke! Fires in Churches and Houses of Worship

Serious fires in churches and synagogues present enormous  challenges to any fire department. There have been recent deadly fires that have claimed the lives of firefighters. Firefighter deaths have occurred in both gothic style and lightweight truss constructed buildings. This full-day seminar is hands-on, involving case studies, lessons learned and lessons reinforced. This highly interactive  seminar will review strategic and tactical considerations for fighting church fires and will include numerous student activities reviewing actual incidents.
Price: $2600.00 (all inclusive)

Strip Mall Firefighting

This full-day seminar will discuss building construction, strategy and tactics and the utilization of incident command to fight strip mall fires. Chief Smith will utilize his many years of experience to share with the student command and control aspects when challenged by strip mall fires. Case studies will be discussed and group activities will be an integral part of the course. An overall seminar goal is always firefighter safety.
Price: $2600.00 (all inclusive)

Strategic and Tactical Considerations on the Fireground

This full-day course, which is named after Deputy Chief James P. Smith’s book, reviews the 13 points of sizeup. It gives an in-depth look at the position of command and how successful operations require a strong incident commander. There is a module on how the development of strategy and tactics allows for effective management of an emergency incident and a lecture on cue-based decision-maker. Group exercises will implement the material discussed in the course.
Price: $2600.00 (all inclusive)