Course offered by Operation Lifesaver, Inc.

Training provided by Operation Lifesaver Certified Instructors

Rail Safety for Emergency Responders

The Operation Lifesaver four-hour Rail Safety for Emergency Responders (RSER) course, (offering optional hands-on field exercises where facilities permit) provides training for emergency response personnel, including fire, EMS, emergency management agencies, military and homeland security personnel.

The course includes information critical for preparing emergency personnel to respond to railroad incidents such as:

  • Grade Crossing Collisions
  • Derailments
  • Trespasser Involved Incidents
  • Response to Collision Scene
  • Overview of on-scene hazards, including electrical, mechanical, chemical, environmental and others
  • Proper equipment and rolling stock identification
  • Locomotive hazard identification
  • Identification of key railroad personnel
  • How to communicate with the railroad before and during the emergency
  • Hazardous materials overview
  • How to stop a train in an emergency
  • Interpreting Train Consist Documentation

Maximum Number of Attendees: 75
Price: FREE
(Operation Lifesaver programs are co-sponsored by federal, state and local government agencies, highway safety organizations and America’s railroads).