Recruitment and Retention Committee

This committee is made up of members of FASNY from throughout the state who are assigned the task of creating projects and activities that will maintain the interests of the emergency services personnel within the State of New York. It works to devise new means of attracting and retaining volunteer emergency personnel.

The FASNY Recruitment and Retention Committee is responsible for devising new means of attracting and retaining volunteer emergency personnel throughout New York State. The committee helps to generate legislative and other incentive programs with the goal of ensuring the survival of the volunteer services in New York. It also works with all forms of media advertising to get the message to the general public that we are volunteers, and that their help is needed in their respective communities. The continued success of the volunteer emergency service depends on attracting and retaining volunteers.

George Davenport, Chair
Frank A. Hutton, Vice Chair
Jeremy Connors, Member
David Glenn, Member
David Jacobowitz, Member
Ryan J. Murphy, Member
Charlie Sharon, Member
Kip Williams, Member
Robert H. Ottaviano, Jr., Liaison
John S. D’Alessandro, Resource

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