Dealing with ‘Real Bad Stuff’ and the Media

The “real bad stuff” will sooner or later happen to your department. It’s part of the business, don’t take it personally … but be prepared. Whether we are talking about a severe motor vehicle accident, multi-alarm fire, mass casualty event or some other adverse controversy off the fireground concerning your department, it’s … Read More

The Art of Dealing with Negativity in the Fire Service

I started out as a volunteer firefighter and have worked extensively with various volunteer and paid fire departments throughout New England. Over my 23 years in the fire service, I’ve noticed we all have some sort of negativity in our organizations regardless … Read More

The Risk of Being on the Road

On March 13, 2001, two Norfolk, Virginia, firefighters were struck by a car while they were working at the scene of an automobile fire on Interstate 64. This is an account of the real-life “emotional roller coaster ride” that followed the accident. My home … Read More